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Last day of vacation

Our last day of vacation was spent at the Magic Kingdom. We arrived with plenty of time to see the opening show.

We hit up all of the boy's favorite rides...dumbo of course...

...and to mix things up a bit John tried out Aladdins Magic Carpet ride, which is basically the Dumbo ride but it tips you back and forth as well as up and down.

Meanwhile, Nate had gotten brave and decided to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He rode it twice and loved it.

We had lunch at the Crystal Palace, which was my favorite eating venue of the trip. The boys loved seeing all the Winnie the Pooh Characters.

Nate found a man to trade pins with him after lunch.

And since John's favorite part of the trip was swimming, we made sure to leave plenty of time for that in the afternoon.

It was a great trip. I am officially hooked on the idea of a February vacation, especially after this FREEZING winter!

Somethings I don't want to forget for next time....
John's favorite rides were Dumbo and Small World.
Nate's favorite rides were Pirates of Caribbean, Nemo in Epcot and Race Cars.
French bakery was awesome.
Meal plan not worth it for us.
Nate gets sick on the Magical Express.
Boys loved all 'playgrounds'.
Boys loved seeing characters and trading pins.
Best Character Food - Disney Junior.
Best Characters - Crystal Palace
Not worth it character Meal - Cape May
Definitely go back to the Beach Club!

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Animal Kingdom and Epcot

The next two days were spent at Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Both boys loved the safari. Nate has mentioned several times that we haven't been to the zoo lately.

John really enjoyed seeing the animals and repeating after the safari driver. "The okapi is a shy animal".

We had a lot of animals come up very close to the jeep which was really nice.

The boys also really loved running around the dinosaur playground at Animal Kingdom. Nate also bravely went on 'Dinosaur' twice.

The boys traded pins for the first time while we were in Animal Kingdom. I had ordered a bunch of pins for ten dollars off ebay so the boys could trade it them rather than spend $10 A PIN when we were there. The boys loved to trade and got a lot of great pins when we were there.

The following day we went to a Character Breakfast at our hotel. The boys loved writing the character's names on the table while we were waiting.

The characters were all dressed in surf outfits.

After breakfast we walked over to Epcot. I think Epcot has the nicest landscaping of all the parks.

The boys found this little water park and played for a bit.

Nate loved all of the rides at Epcot. He wrote the Nemo Ride several times, Figment a bunch of times and even rode Soaring (Which Glenn and I loved). John was terrified of Figment and only really liked The Land in Epcot.

That evening we were able to walk around the countries a bit which both boys liked.

John loved the trains in Germany.

A bad pictures, but the dwarfs were really cool.

It was a fun 2 days!

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Vacation Day Two

For our second day of vacation we went to Hollywood Studios. We loved that we were able to walk there...and the boys were excited to take the boat home as well. We waited in our longest line here for the Toy Story Ride...about 80 minutes. The boys were great in line and the boys loved the ride.

We went to a couple shows before lunch and then had lunch with a couple of characters.

Afterwards, we went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playarea. The boys loved it and raced around for an hour or so.

We visited Buzz and Woody on the way out of the park.

Every night the hotel had a marshmallow roast on the beach. It was pretty much Nate's favorite part of the whole trip.

We walked around the lake in the evening to the Boardwalk.

Pretty much every day we were there we went swimming in the afternoon. The pool was amazing...beware a lot of pictures....

This is the sand/beach/pool area. The pool was 1-2 feet deep and kids were building sandcastles in the middle. The burger spot in the pool area gave the kid's meals in buckets and pails so the kids all had 'tools' to build with. We of course didn't find this out until we ate there the last day so we just swiped a few that were floating around when we wanted to build.

This is John in front of the lazy river. The boys loved it...they didn't enjoy the lazy part of it, they just liked to race Glenn and I from side to side and be pushed by the strong jets.

This is the main pool area, where the slide came down. You can also see a raised sunbathing area in the back there, which would be a nice place to sunbath if you didn't have kids to chase around.

This is the shipwreck slide. The slide was pretty awesome, Glenn and I each went down several times.

Glenn coming down the slide.

Shipwreck area from the back. You can see the slide the boys loved there at the bottom.

The boys loved this little slide. They went down it for hours.

This is John demonstrating how he swims underwater.

We had as much fun swimming as we did at the parks!

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Guess I need to dust the old blog off again, huh. I keep getting close to being caught up and then am right back behind again.

Anyways, we took a vacation in the middle of February during Nate's school break. With the freezing winter we've had, I am glad we did. We had perfect weather and a great time. You'll have to excuse the picture quality, we only took our little point and shoot and I don't think the pictures are as clear. But it was MUCH easier to lug around Disney World and I find I don't take as many pictures at amusement's hard to take pictures when you're going on Dumbo at top speed.

We went to Magic Kingdom on the first day. The boys were excited and we got there right when it opened. We were able to walk on pretty much every ride they wanted to for the first two hours.

John's favorite ride was by far the Dumbo Ride. Then probably Small World. He did not like any ride that was dark and 'scary'. Scary included Winnie the Pooh, Figment and the People Mover. In his defense the People Mover broke while we were on it and it was a bit scary when we had to evacuate it.

Ignore John's scary ventriloquist doll smile. This is his new 'camera ready' smile.

John's favorite part of the parks were the characters, which is a complete 180 from how he acted at Sesame Place.

Nate enjoyed posing with the characters too but he really enjoyed the rides this time as well. His favorites the first day were Winnie the Pooh and the Tomorrowland Speedway.

We stayed until just after lunch and then took the monorail over to Epcot where we saw Pluto. We had to stop and see him because he is the boy's favorite.

The boys then passed out in the stroller while we walked to our hotel which worked out great. After a nap, they were ready to swim and then we went over to Epcot for dinner.

It was a pretty good day one of vacation!
(and I am pathetically proud of myself for posting this....more vacation details to come....someday!)

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Nate's 6th Birthday Party

We had Nate's 6th birthday party last weekend. I decided to have it at home and let him invite about ten friends. He wanted a Ninja Turtle Party. First we read a books about how the turtles became 'Ninja' turtles because I didn't think all the kids would know as much about the turtles as Nate does. After that, they transformed into ninja turtles. And we practiced some ninja moves.

The kids got totally into it. After a lunch of the turtle's favorite food, pizza, the kids made mutagen.

The kids loved trying to transform the toys into mutants.

There was a game of pin the pizza on Mikey and an obstacle course before they had to defeat the Shredder piñata. The kids look tough, don't they?

Getting ready to hit the piñata. Nate, Madison, Jake, John, Chase, Cooper, Clare, Landon and Carolyn.

The eventually broke the piñata (Glenn made a very tough piñata) and then Nate opened lovely presents from his friends.
Nate and Madison.

Nate with Cooper.

Nate and Chase.

Nate and Jake

Nate and Landon

After that things fell apart and I couldn't get Nate to look nice for anymore photos. Then we had cake!

And with his best buddy. John!

It was a fun, and exhausting, party!

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Nate is SIX today!

Wow, Nate turned SIX today. That seems MUCH older than five did for some reason. I was looking back through what I wrote for his previous birthday's and the common theme seems to be that he wakes up early. Today was no exception, he was dressed and bright-eyed when he came into our room at 6 (the earliest he is allowed to come out of his room). I have no idea how long he was up before it but know he was watching that clock.

He was very excited that his birthday happened to fall on a dress-down day at school and he got to where whatever he wanted, which was not the birthday shirt his mother painstakenly sewed for him.

He opened his presents before school...he got two skylanders, a case for his skylanders and a Lego. John got him The Lego Movie sticker book, which he spilled the beans about last week.

Nate has grown a bunch in the past year. He has definitely matured behavior-wise (I know that is hard for some people to believe) but when he slows down he is solicitous to John and can now think about the consequences of his actions. He has made a great group of friends and it is a lot of fun to watch them play and communicate together. He loves playdates and is good at making sure everyone is included in all games.

He is loving school. The full day is the right place for him. He is not tired at all and is raring to go even when he gets off the bus at the end of the day...about the time I am ready for a nap!

He has a wonderful memory and really strives to get 100% on all his schoolwork. His vocabulary improves every week and I am amazed by the number of words he is able to read.

Athletically he is doing great. His swimming has improved tremendously and he is able to swim entirely on his own. He is an incredibly fast runner...Glenn can sprint with him for a little bit but Nate's can pretty much sprint forever. This helps him at soccer although he has a tendency to forget there is a ball involved sometime. He started taekwondo so far about a month ago. He is really enjoying it and I hope will thrive under their strict discipline.

He really is a fun, dynamic, challenging boy!

We went to Friendly's for dinner with Mom and Dad...which looking through past pictures, we've also done for the past three years! Nate once again was so excited to have them sing for him...and then had a total stone face when they came over.

And some pictures and posts from birthday's past.

Newborn Nate

Nate's 1st birthday. Post here.

Nate's 2nd birthday. Post here.

Nate's 3rd birthday. Post here.

Nate's 4th birthday. Post here.

Nate's 5th birthday. Post here.

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

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Merry Christmas 2013

I got the flu a few days before Christmas, and bronchitis immediately after, so my pictures of Christmas and pre-Christmas activities are limited.

Glenn read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve to the boys.

The boys in front of the tree.

They left cookies for Santa, an apple for the reindeer and wrapped presents (pictures they colored) for Jerry.

And Santa came!

The boys were so excited!

They checked out their stockings...

Nate was excited to get a new scooter (he was passed his old ones weight).

John got the only thing he really wanted, the Pirate Piggy Attack Game.

He also got a bunch of costumes, which he has been wearing constantly since.

Nate shooting his ironman weapon at Captain America.

It was a nice Christmas! Glenn took the boys to church while I napped, and then everyone came over for dinner. I wish I had taken more pictures but hopefully won't be sick next year!

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December Fun

We had a lot of fun in December preparing for the holidays! Jerry was up to his old antics, ziplining from the second floor to the Christmas tree with some of the Ninja Turtles.

He also left a trail of pictures...

...and was caught photocopying himself in the office!

Nate and Glenn went with Grandma and Grandpa to a 'Breakfast with Saint Nicholas". John was sick for a few days that week and missed it.

He made an advent wreath with candles.

...and met Saint Nicholas!

The boys had fun doing their advent activites everyday. They made bird feeders for the birds ad squirrels.

And Santa sent them an email message one day. They were on pins and needles waiting to learn if they were on the naughty or nice list!

John had a holiday icecream party at school.

He and Leo after the icecream.

And John and Danny.

One day when Leo came over to play they spent a long time 'being doctors'.

They even gave the nutcrackers a checkup!

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End of November

In trying to catch up, here is a wrapup of what we did at the middle/end of November.

A week before Kathleen's wedding a couple of us did a paint and sip in Saratoga.
Getting started...


And all of our finished pictures. Mine is currently in the basement. :)

Nate and John decided they wanted to paint once they saw my 'incredible' painting. Nate painted a cloud with different colored raindrops which is super-cute.

John started out great and then ended up painting the entire thing blackish-grey.

The morning after Kathleen's wedding we had a nice brunch. The kids played outside. Charlotte makes me cold just looking at her!...she had just come from field hockey.

Mom and Judi at brunch.

Mom and Dad with Judi and John.

Sister's with their mother.

The boys had a lot of fun coloring with Grandy while she was visiting.

It was a nice visit.

Nate and John made their Christmas Lists. John's had the Pirate Piggy Attack game, a Ninja turtle lego and a Doc McStuffin's Puzzle on it.

Nate had Spider Byte, Fish Face, The Mousers, and a new scooter on his list.

Nate wanted to go on the Polar Express Again. John declined but said he would go 'when I'm 4.'

It's the same every year but Nate seems to talk about it a lot and has a great time.

At the end of November we went and picked out our Christmas Tree.

John enjoying a donut and some music after picking our our tree.

The boys enjoyed decorating it.

The boys in front of the tree.

...and on to December!

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Kathleen's Wedding

One of my New Years Resolution is to keep up on the blog I just have to catch up to present better place to start than with Kathleen's wedding, 6 weeks ago! This post will have a lot of pictures....

The rehersal dinner was at Ravenswood and the food was great! Here's Kathleen and Vic with the kid's table.

John and Grandma, with her 'Grandy' sweatshirt on!

Robin and Aiden. He really is the smiliest baby.

Grandma with the bride and groom to be.

Mom and Dad.

Our little family.


Kathleen with her godson.

Our family with Grandma.

The next morning we were getting beautified bright and early.

Grandma and Ruby with their hair done.

And all dressed up.

Grandpa and Ruby. Ruby looked like an iceprincess.

Meanwhile preparations were underway at the Church.

The greeters getting ready. I love how Nate's tie is askew.

The groomsmen.

Bruce and Grandma.

The boys.

With Grandma.

Grace and Steven with John.

The girls with Grandma.

Me and Grandma.

Getting Ready!

Here comes the Bride!

And the new Mr and Mrs. Farrell!

Party Time!

Mom and Dad's table.

John and Karen.

Happy George.

Lucy was a dancing machine.

It was a great party!

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